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TV Shows, International Festivals, Competitions, Concerts, Operas….

We’ve been filming stage productions for over 10 years ranging from international festivals to worldwide TV programs.  Using 2-5 high definition cameras we’re able to make your video and photos like no other.

2 cameras shown at the same time

See a closeup of your child & the choregraphy simultaneously!

Known for our unique picture in picture coverage, every care is taken to ensure that the dance teachers can see the choreography & the students can see closeups of themselves.

We understand the countless hours spent perfecting a routine.  Editing with picture in picture ensures you don’t miss the choreography while capturing the detail in closeup.

The wide angle camera shot is at the bottom of the screen & closeups are at the top of the screen at the same time.

Get video straight after concert!

Receive your video straight after the concert (without covers or menus) or within 1 week (with covers & menus).  Such quick delivery doesn’t come with a loss in quality.  We can still provide multi-camera and picture in picture if required.

Due to the time involved in duplicating DVDs &/or USB sticks we can only provide the 1st half of the concert; we send the 2nd half to you in the mail.

Competition videos can be collected on the day.

Get ready to stand out

Dance FX

Get ready to stand out with hollywood style photos of yourself.  Choose from our many pre-made styles or create your own.

Make your concert just like a TV show

Multiple Cameras & Steadicam

We use between 2 to 5 cameras (depending on the size of the show) to make your video a lot more interesting; just like what you’d see on TV.

steadicam filming singer The steadicam allows for fluid moving video just like you see in the movies & on TV!

Action Photography

Get amazing action shots of you or your child performing at their best


Studio Photography

Have glamorous photos taken of you or your child performing their signature move(s).  Don’t have a signature move?  Don’t worry we can suggest ideas…



Pre-show footage of your friends & fellow dancers having a good time.

Many clients have mentioned this is their favourite part of the video.

Online Ordering

Order quickly & easily through our website

DVD / Blu-ray / USB Stick

DVD / Blu-ray Menu’s

Flashy menu’s add that extra dazzle to your video

Ready To Stand Out?

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